Educational Computer Games

Megan Murray (Megan_Murray@TERC.EDU)
6 Nov 1998 15:39:23 U

Are you interested in educational computer software? Are you looking for games
that contain significant mathematics? that require mathematical and strategic
thinking? that will engage boys as well as girls? that are fun?

The NSF-funded project, Through the Glass Wall: Computer Software for
Mathematical Empowerment is announcing a rerelease of its website. Visit:

for information about this research project, which has spent two years looking
at how girls and boys play mathematical computer games in order to consider and
describe what makes a good mathematical and equitable computer game. Also
available: descriptions of over 50 games, reviews, sample diaogue of children
playing interacting with games, and suggested web links and print resources.

Topics include:

* gender and technology, mathematics, and play
* technology in the education and in the classroom
* technology and popular culture, "games for girls"
* advice on choosing software, links to reviewers and sellers

Thoughts on the site and its content are appreciated!

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