Answering Back--Opening Statement
11/10/98 1:32 PM

Hi folks

Thank you for choosing Answering Back for discussion this week.

We are eager to hear your responses to the book. You may be interested to
know that the book is selling well through Allen and Unwin in Australia and
Routledge internationally and is being reviewed by the major Education
journals - which is not to say that it is going to appear in the Times best
seller lists! Even so, we are really pleased that some colleagues are
planning to use it for required reading for their Education students and
some teachers in schools have been using it for inservice purposes.

The reviews are starting to come in and have reminded us of a number of
issues we grappled with. Some we were able to deal with, others remained
unresolved as the book went to press. These are some of the issues we
grappled with:
* how to deal with a massive data base in a relatively short book and
resist the compulsion to try to 'say it all'
* how to meet the requirements of our publisher for both credibility and
marketability and hence to write for both and academic and more general
Education audience
* how to write for both Australian and international audiences at the same time
* how to find the right blend between explaining and deploying theory -
particularly post-structuralist theory
* how to be both supportive and critical of gender reformers in Education
* how to resist the temptation to provide our own answers.

We look forward to hearing from you and to have the opportunity to discuss
the book.

jane and sue

Associate Professor Jane Kenway (Dr)
Director Deakin Centre for Education and Change
Social and Cultural Studies in Education
Faculty of Education
Deakin Univesity

Ph: (03) 5227 1490
Fax: (03) 5227 2014 (jane kenway)

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