Answering Back Dialogue

SSmith (
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 09:13:38 -0500

Hello Jane and Sue:

Thanks for hanging in there in spite of the e-mail problems.

Your whole concept about the gap between gender reform
theory and practice is intriguing, particularly the question
of how you would define success. It started me to wondering
about how we would define success in the U.S. If the goal
is "gender equitable education" how do we know when we have
reached it? Is it attaining proportional representation of
females in all elementary and secondary coursetaking,
college majors, and occupations? Is that the minimum
figure? Also, I wondered if there are schools in the U.S.
that we could identify as providing gender equitable
education right now? Have you seen such a place in your
state or region? What does it look like?


Susan J. Smith
EDEQUITY Moderator

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