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Jane and Sue respond to Susan,

Yes, as we said in the book, success is a mine field not easily negotiated.
Its meaning changes across feminist orientations and indeed schools. What
we may have been happy with once may no longer pertain and what we think
reasonable in some circumstances may not be in another. We believe strongly
in education about gender: ie in helping young people to understand its
role in their lives; the role gender plays in definitions of success and
failure and the ways in which it both constrains and enables us to live
fully human lives. We think a rich understanding of success is much more
than equal representation and that it also involves some capacity to make
wise judgements and to advocate for a better world. Is it possible then
that we are decreasing our expectations when we settle for equal

Its late. We will be on line tomorrow night to take more calls as they say.
Cheers Jane and Sue.

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