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Call for Proposals

Database on Violence Against Women Migrant Workers
>The movement of women as autonomous labour migrants within and across
>national borders is increasing significantly in all regions of the
>world. While labour migration provides women with an alternative means
>of subsistence and often other personal benefits, it is also a reality
>that migrant women workers are subject to various forms of violence.
>Given the need to a) promote a better understanding and create greater
>awareness on this problem area, b) promote the exchange of information
>related to practices/experiences (policies, strategies, programmes,
>etc.) in addressing this issue at both the governmental and
>non-governmental levels c) identify data gaps on this issue and d)
>develop appropriate data-collection methodologies that can generate
>comparable data on violence against women migrant workers as bases for
>research and analyses, the United Nations International Research and
>Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW) welcomes
>proposals for the development of a database on the subject.
>The proposal should include:
>* Description of type of information to be included in the
>* Identification of the types of violence on which data will be
>* The sources of data to be used for data collection
>* Methods of data collection
>* Format of the database
>* Budget
>Proposals may be accepted from organizations or individuals that have
>done advanced work in the field. The proposal should be accompanied by
>personal information or information about the organization submitting
>the proposal (name of organization, year of establishment, type of
>organization, institutional affiliation, number of professionals and
>their fields, experts in gender issues; programmes and publications; CV
>of Director of the organization).
>Proposals should be submitted to INSTRAW by 20 January 1998
>Fax: (809) 685-2111
>Tel. (809) 685-2111
>Email: <>
>Contact person: Julia Tavares


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