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What I found interesting was how "natural" it was for the recruiting efforts to
be single sex (i.e., male focused) without any noise about "What about the
females?" as is the case presently when ever there is a targeting of females for
non-traditional careers. It also struck me as regressive that the marketing
techniques being used to recruit males are classically sex stereotypical, for
example, changing the brochure from a stained glass
window (female) to the quad (more male) and offering "male" courses, such as

Sigh. I was glad the comment was made within the article about the lack of vocal
concern when the numbers were 48-52 in favor [sic] of the males (in response to
the current concern that the numbers are the same but
the populations occupying those numbers has shifted).

Oh well, guess we just have to keep on keeping on.


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