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Ted Weverka (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 18:01:55 -0800

John wrote:
> Particularly, I was interested about
> solutions for the liberal arts part. It's easy in the
> technology to attract people -- show me the money --
> but how to you make liberal arts appeal to men and women?

What I found most interesting in both the article, and in the
above response was the attitudes about why men are going
to college at rates which are falling further and further
below that of women.

All of the attitudes expressed, tacitly assume that men
are prepared as well as women and that men merely decline
the opportunity. This is far from the truth.

The truth is that our elementary and secondary schools are
not putting out as many qualified men as women. Higher
Education can only do so much to make itself more attractive
to men. If the boys in High School do not learn the skills
and are not given the encouragement, they will continue to
fall further behind the girls. I include elementary school
in the blame because that is where the boys start falling
behind. Reading and writing skills are formed early, and
these skills are crucial both to entering and staying in
college. As long as our elementary and secondary schools
continue to condone boys to falling behind, our colleges
will continue educate men at rates that fall further
behind the women.

-Robert Weverka

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