Classroom Kit for Women's History Month (March)
12/18/98 4:56 PM

National Women's History Project announcement:

Classroom Kit for National Women's History Month (March)

U.S. postage stamps introduce historic American women in the new, six-part
Classroom Activity Kit from the National Women's History Project. "Women
Putting Our Stamp on America" is the theme for National Women's History Month,
with 37 notable women featured on the colorful commemorative poster. An
illustrated, 31-page booklet of the women's biographies and related stamp
activities expands the poster's teaching value, as will the 14-minute "Women on
Stamps" video.

And there's more! Three informative gazettes, Women Change America, Women Win
the Vote, and Living the Legacy introduce students to an additional 175 women
who have put their stamp on America in various time periods and spheres of
activity. Each gazette features short biographies, photographs, informative
sidebars, timelines, and referrals to resources.

This Classroom Activity Kit, appropriate for grades 5-12, is $19.95 plus $5.75
s/h. To order this kit, or for a free Women's History Catalog, write to the
National Women's History Project, 7738 Bell Road, Dept. P, Windsor, CA
95492-8518, call (707) 838-6000, or e-mail to <>.

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