Nominations sought by NWHP
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 16:44:55 EST

Dear Reader,

I invite you to participate in an exciting project the National Women's
History Project is preparing to mark the millennium, and to share this
invitation widely among your friends and colleagues.

There's one thing I'm sure we all agree upon: the 20th Century was an
exceptional century for women. We've won the vote, against tremendous
opposition. We've gained access to education, a presence in government,
places in the corporation, control over our own bodies, our own finances, our
own futures. We've led efforts for peace, environmental and workplace safety,
labor reform. We've put our stamp on history in many significant ways.

As we approach the millennium, we can look back at the last 100 years with
awe. Who were the women most responsible for the progress we've made in the
20th century? Who were the significant movers and shakers? Change-makers?

We are developing our own list of 100 Notable Women of the 20th Century, and we
would like you (or your organization, your students) to join us in their
selection. It's simple: Just nominate women of exceptional importance in
United States history during this past century so we can factor your thinking
into our final selection.

Here are some guidelines for nominees. Each of the 100 Notable Women we
ultimately select must have:
* Put a significant stamp on the course of United States history
* Affected the lives of a large number of people
* Made her major contributions during the 20th Century
* Made a positive and lasting impact on society, so that she stands in
history as a role-model and an inspiration for others.

The 100 women we selected will represent a variety of fields: politics/equal
rights, health/medicine, science/technology, business, art/literature,
education, military/peace, entertainment, business, religion, athletics, the
environment, the media, non-traditional fields, and the like. Our final list
will reflect America's racial and ethnic diversity. Biographies of the women,
along with a timeline and a variety of articles and essays celebrating women in
the 20th century will be published in a special gazette entitled 1900-2000, An
Exceptional Century for Women.

The final selections will be made by the board of directors and staff of the
NWHP on the basis of input from teachers, scholars, members of women's
organizations, and professional women in various fields. Your thoughtful
nominations will help us make informed decisions and produce an informative
gazette we can all be proud of.

We'll need to hear from you by March 1st. Send nominations and explanatory
rationale by e-mail to (, fax to 707-838-0478, or to NWHP, 7738
Bell Road, Windsor, CA., 95492-8518.

Molly Murphy MacGregor
Executive Director

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