women's wages

Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:15:22 -0500

Forwarded from RA-EQUITY

Found an interesting piece in last week's BusinessWeek (11/30/98, p.8).
There's a brief write-up of a feature of the AFL-CIO website which
looks at the reality of the 74 cents women make for every man's
dollar. This site enables "Everywoman to calculate the actual sum she'll
lose during her lifetime - and what that means in lost dinners out and
vacations in Jamaica".

To do the calculations log on to www.aflcio.org. The article offers a
sample as follows: " A 44 year old woman with a year of college earning
$40,000 will lose $1.06 million. That's 254 years of child care, 1.8
million servings of macaroni and cheese, or 806 weeks in Jamaica".


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