RE(4): women's wages

Rizzolo Angela (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 08:28:51 -0500

I have worked here at the Women's Bureau, US Department of Labor for 13
years. My area of specialty has been getting women into high wage, high
skill jobs. (Many of us used to call it Nontraditional Occupations). I have had
three major contracts in New England trying to get unions to bring in women into
these jobs, many of them are resistant. They feel that they are giving up a job
that should go to a man with a family. Someone needs to clue them in to women as
single heads of family need work too.

While many unions do try to place women into high wage high skill jobs, they
often only hire one. Thereby already heading for failure since these women are
often isolated in their places of work. Some may chose to believe we are making
progress by enforcing the Equal Pay Act of the '60's. Since women are still on
average only making .74 cents on the dollar, I strongly
encourage all - teachers, parents and family friendly employers to look at
high wage, high skills occupations. It is the only way that women will
become self-sufficient.

Angela Rizzolo
Equal Opportunity Specialist
USDOL/Women's Bureau

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