RE(10): women's wages

John L Meyer (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 11:09:20 -0700

Well, it probably was a time ago, but a lot of colleges decided that the
surefire way to get into compliance with Title IX was to cut men's sports
like wrestling and other such sports. I think most of them were in
California, although pardon my geographic knowledge.
Barbra J. Torres (is that the name) made a great point about not putting men
against women. I think there should also be a recognition that we aren't always
facing an "evil management" hellbent on putting women down to raise men up.
Tying this back to education, let's look at how many male:female professors
there are. Is that all because of discrimination? Well, unless all of the men
are incompetent and all of the women are superior, I don't think so. Possibly
we might also look into the tenure system, and how it tends to lock in ratios
for a long time.

John Meyer
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