Re(3): Media and Sports Inequity
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 17:02:49 EST

yes!!! it is imperative that we apply pressure whenever we see its needed. I
have making complaints to newspapers and cereal companies for the biased
advertisements they show...always in favor of men and boys....of course. NOT a
day goes by that we don't realize how important sports is for the
pshycological and physical development of girls. What I see and become exposed
to by seeing my daughter involved in sports is the BEST lesson in
discrimination I could ever hope to receive..that alone makes me more
passionate about this subject.

I could NOT hope for a better ''classroom'' than seeing the development of this
child athlete who is rather shy socially but becomes a totally different
''person'' in the soccer field and who looks forward competing against boys
teams with great anticipation and the greatest
confidence a parent could ever hope to see in a daughter.. and as someone once

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