RE: Media and Sports Inequity

John L Meyer (
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 13:31:32 -0700

Nice, but two things: one, the networks are being taken over by cable.
Two, any advocacy group talking to advertisers has the distinct disadvantage of
being a minority in terms of viewing audience. I'm not saying it won't work,
but going up to advertisers and threatening not to buy their products because
they won't support an upstart is a bit risky; the Christian advocacy groups can
tell you about that.

from the desk of:
John Meyer
Member of the vast, right-wing conspiracy.

You wrote:
How about a little public (you and me) out cry. The Internet has made
access to those in decision making positions easy. The networks are an easy
target. How about reaching out into their pockets $$$$$$$, talk (strongly) to
the advertisers.

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