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Thought this might be of interest..

Kim Blum

Texaco To Pay $3.1 Million To Women Managers

Labor Secretary Alexis Herman said Wednesday that Texaco Inc agreed to give
$3.1 million to women managers who were paid less than men doing similar work,
and warned other big U.S. companies that their pay policies face tough scrutiny
by regulators.

The agreement with Texaco provides back-pay and salary raises for 186
female workers ranging from executive secretaries to senior managers, Herman

``These women were underpaid as a matter of course for years. The company was
inconsistently applying its compensation policies to women,'' Herman told

She urged other companies with federal contracts to make sure women are
paid a fair salary compared to their male colleagues.

``I believe there is a strong message here for all federal contractors,''
she said. ``We do plan to vigorously step up our actions in this area.''

This year, the Labor Department will audit about 40 Fortune 1,000 companies
to analyze the pay of women managers. The department began the so-called ``glass
ceiling'' audits in 1993, and so far has found that about half the companies
monitored violate fair pay policies for women.

Nationwide, analysts estimate there is about a 76 percent wage gap between
men and women working in similar jobs.

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