Re(4): Posters for Classrooms
12 Jan 99 07:18:30 -0500

I'm new to the EDEQUITY list.

I called the WNBA in New York and talked to a Lyndsay, who was originally from
the U of M and Michigan (I found out they don't have any snow in New York now).
The WNBA doesn't have any to offer now, but I bet they could be convinced if we
could give them an indication that there was a market.

I suggest it may be one idea to have folks from all over the country go to the internet site and find the fan mail e-mail option and write the WNBA
asking about such posters and suggesting if they are not available now, that it
would be in the interest of the WNBA's impact with young women and for the self
esteem of lady athletes, for the WNBA to make them available and to even suggest
some key places like the Women's Sports Foundation where they could be sold or
distributed through.
I received a call back from Lyndsay Herrick, the WNBA rep I had talked to.
She now says she has learned more and suggests one of the WNBA key sports
suppliers might be the best point of contact. They are Costacos Brothers
Sports, Inc. soon to be "At A Glance", and can be reached at 206-464-1500.
Perhaps it could be valuable to ask people to communicate their description
of and interest in having being able to obtain such posters.
If you believe this idea is of some value, please pass it on through general
distribution of this message.
Good Success
tom wilson

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