Re(5): Should sexual harassment be allowed in our schools?

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Tue, 12 Jan 1999 08:46:05 -0800 (PST)

After reading the paper today and listening to NPR about this most recent
national federal case on sexual harassment I add to my previous entry the

I heard the girls mother, Mrs. Davis say on NPR that, 'It isn't right that
you can't hold the schools liable."

I say, "You can't hold the schools libel because they have no standard for
sex education to be held up by and to be accountable for."
But I hope the Supreme Court will.

Quoted from National School Boards brief, "School discipline rules
ultimately serve both a pedagogical and disciplinary function. Unlike
adults in the workplace, juveniles have limited life experiences or
familial influences upon which to establish an understanding of
appropriate behavior." The real world of school disicipline is a
rough-and-tumble place where students practice newly learned vulgarities,
erupt with anger, tease and embarass each other, share offensive notes,
flirt, push and shove in the halls, grad and offend....

"Confronted daily with a dizzing array of immature or uncontrollable
behavior by students, school officials must ferret out the false or
trivial allegations from those that are true and serious."

"Even when it is clear that a student has violated school rules, there
are no federal sentencing guidelines for student discipline decisions -
nor should there be. School officials necessarily must use their
professional judgment and discretion in responding to complaints about
student misconduct."

In Raphaela Bests incredible little gem of a book, "We All Have Scars",
she calls all this student activity the second and third curriculums.
These are underground from the main school curriculum. The schools only
minimally intervene in this interpersonal peer domination culture

According to NPR story, " A Supreme Court decision in behalf of the girl's
case, could likely spark a wave of expensive litigations across the

Again, I hope all this commotion can help us to look beyond the courts to
the need for positive peer culture education. Continued unaccountability
and suits means children being "abused" by their peers right under the
noses of "well-meaning" adults.

Lord knows this isn't what we really want.

For the Children,

JeanMarie DeSpain, M.S.
Educational Ideals
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