Re(2): Boys from the Court

Cary Brown (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:05:09 EST5EDT

W. Warren Plowden, representing the Monroe County Board of
>Education in
>Georgia, warned about ``opening up the courthouse door to all
>kinds of

>He cited a survey that 75 percent of all high school girls and 66
>percent of all boys report at least one instance of harassment.
>``The potential
>here for litigation is enormous,'' he said.

This is my favorite argument. "Lots of people are doing it, and if we
make one stop we'll have to make them all stop - and gee, that's
just so much work." Yes, there would be a lot more lawsuits if this
one wins - but just until the schools start taking the responsibility
they're legally (not to mention ethically) obligated to.

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