Re: Why boys are in trouble
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 18:32:21 EST

Although a person like Mr. Pollock deserves a more formal reply than i am
prepared to give at this time some of the points he makes reagarding the
''disadvantages'' of boys over girls can be relegated to the same misplaced
analysis of the real world in which our daughters find themselves in. Some
very weak points in his line of argument refer to his statement that ''in the
past 20 years society has failed to direct a fraction of the energy given to
girls that would insure that boys can also achieve their full potential. yes, it
is rather sad that it has really been only in the past 20 years compared to the
hundreds of years that men and boys have been the exclusive recepients of
education. that girls have finally began to receive attention in this crucial
human developmental area. In regards to the statement that learning styles are
closer to female inclinations, that might only occur at elementary levels where
in many cases we have ''school moms'' instead of educators but even then Id like
to know what those female inclinations in education are so that I can send my
daughter there and not have to fight every day for a gender fair curriculum.

Also as far as the countries where the boys are disadvantaged he should come to
latin America and do some looking...the situation there is so bad in terms of
educational unfairness that some schools have women going around with scisors
letting girls skirts hems down bellow the knee. Also how about the rest of the
world in where it is prohibited for girls to even attend school?

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