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Darcy Lees (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:57:36 -0800

This was my reaction as sent to Verna Williams.

> Verna
> Washington State has had a state law requiring districts to prevent
> Sexual Harassment student to student since 1994, including having
> policies. The policy applies to staff, students, parents and
> volunteers. It requires discussion, publishing and posting of
> policies. We have not had any great flurry of court cases, but school
> districts have responded with training in investigation procedures and
> approriate behaviors and responses.
In Washington State our "students" will still be protected. Oregon
recently passed similar legislation.

> In February, a group of organizations in our state is sponsoring a
> conference entitled "Bulleying, Harassing and Hazing". The title
> was selected since as educators we know that teasing, name calling and
> bulleying left untended will escalate into harassment, hazing or more
> severe behavior.
> It is my personal belief that harassment, whether by students or staff
> or based on personal characteristics or their ability to perform, is
> the number one reason for disenfranchisement of students in the
> public schools.
> It is troubling to me that individuals on the Supreme Court want to
> ignore a problem, when it affects so many, that can be addressed
> although maybe not ever totally eliminated. To the Supreme Court this
> should be about JUSTICE not money.
> So much for the ideal.
> Darcy Lees

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