Re(4): Boys from the Court

Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:39:22 -0600

I find it fascinating that folks are so fast to say that if the harassment
happens, then the victim will sue. Since when? Most victims just want
the harassment to stop. They don't want money or fame or lawyers.
Victims sue when they are put in a position where they don"t see that
they have other options for solving the problem and they don't get
adequate help or support. Frankly, I have heard school people and some
school board members say that they will wait until they're sued before
they will make required changes. That is totally irresponsible and now
some of them are having to "pay the piper" for their inaction.

While I don't like that the "taxpayers" foot the bill (or part of it), it is
those same taxpayers who want schools to be safe places for children/youth to
learn. Part of that equation involves competent educators, not ones who walk
away from these issues and try to ignore their responsibilities as role models
and guides for youth. It's the bad administrators/educators or school boards
who abdicate their responsibilities who drive many of the victims to sue.

Peggy Weeks <>

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