Cyber Sisters and Virtual Visionaries at MIT

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A Celebration of Women of Color in the Information Age

>A working conference at MIT's Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Forum
>February 6, 1999
>On Saturday, February 6, 1999, the Community Fellows Program at MIT is
>sponsoring "Cyber Sisters and Virtual Visionaries: A Celebration of Women
>of Color in the Information Age." This day-long, inter-generational,
>interactive conference will explore and celebrate the work of women of
>color in the world of information technology. Part of the Martin Luther
>King, Jr. Annual Forum at MIT, "Cyber Sisters and Virtual Visionaries" will
bring together women of color who are actively involved in the design,
>production, distribution and use of information technology. The goals of
>conference are:
>. To demonstrate to young women of color (ages 15 and up) that they can
>develop careers, power, and connections to others in the information age;
>. To forge connections and mentoring relationships between women and girls
>of color who are engaged in evolving technologies;
>. To build an online resource for women of color interested in information
>. To develop interest in a national conference on "Women of Color in the
>Information Age."
>This will be a "doing" conference, at which participants and presenters
>explore each others' work in information technology, exchange information
>and ideas, and create a jumping-off point for further discussion and
>networking. A tangible product will be completed by the end of the
>day--e.g., an installation piece, a website, or a systematic means for
>including more women and girls of color in information technology.
>Please join us Saturday, February 6, 1999, for a celebration of the
>strength and creativity of women of color as we hear stories of success and
struggle in the electronic frontier. Enrollment is limited, so please
>contact us as soon as possible. The deadline for registration is February
>1, 1999.
>For more information, or to register for the conference, please contact:
>Núrí Chandler-Smith, Event Coordinator, at <>, via
>phone at 617-252-1380, or via fax at 617-258-6515. You can visit the
>conference website at <>.

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