Fellowships & Internships Available

1/20/99 10:14 AM EST

The Greenlining Institute, a Multi-Ethnic Public Policy Institute located in San
Francisco, is seeking candidates for its Multi-Ethnic Academy Fellowships and
Internships in Public Policy and Economic Development.

The Academy is a public policy and leadership training program for recent
college graduates and graduate students who are pursuing careers in the field of
public policy, urban planning, minority advocacy, and economic development.

Academy participants enhance their writing and research skills, gain ample
experience in policy analysis, advocacy, public speaking, grantwriting,
community organizing, networking with corporate, community and government
leaders, and understanding of key minority economic development issues.

The ideal candidate possesses the following skills:
- -Strong public speaking skills
- -Ability to work in a multi-task oriented environment
- -Professional poise, maturity and confidence
- -Ability to work independently and in a team
- -Demonstrated commitment to low income and minority communities
- -A strong interest in economic development for low income and minority
- -Excellent writing and communication skills

Qualifications: Candidates must have a BA or BS in a related field or be a
Masters candidate or recent graduate from a Masters program in a related field.
Ideal candidates have solid experience working with minority community groups,
and are familiar with public policy or community development issues.

Summer Internships: Eight positions are available for a paid ten week,
intensive, summer public policy and leadership training program June 14-August
20. Participants work individually on low income, minority economic development
issues as well as on team projects. A $1600 monthly stipend, before taxes, is

Year Round Fellowships: Five positions are available for a year round fellowship
in low income, minority economic development issues. Fellowships begin August
through October of 1999 and are one year in duration. Fellows receive a monthly
stipend of $2000, before taxes, as well as a small health benefits stipend and
payment of interest on student loans.

How to apply: Send cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation, all
transcripts, and a one page statement explaining your career goals and what
you hope to gain from the Greenlining Academy. Summer Internship applications
must be received by March 15, 1999. Fellowship applicants must be received by
June 15, 1999. Send your application to: Haydee A. Diaz, Academy Director, 785
Market Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. Faxed or emailed
applications will NOT be accepted. Regular mail only please.

For more information, please contact Haydee Diaz, Academy Director:
haydee@greenlining.org Include home address so that we may mail you materials.

The Greenlining Institute is a 501c(3) multi-ethnic public policy and advocacy
center that promotes minority and low-income economic development. It is
comprised of over three dozen minority community organizations, small business
associations, churches and civil rights groups throughout California.
Greenlining promotes positive race relations and collaboration between
communities, government, and corporations to increase sound business
practices, investments and services in low income and minority communities

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