Re(b): Media and Sports Inequity

Sharon Hushka (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 06:11:31 -0800

Thank you for asking about my research paper. It was about the role of
communication between daughters and parents in the culture of sport,
examing how do parents encourage or discourage their daughters'
participation in sports.

The abstract is as follows:
Sport is a site of cultural struggle about gender identity and about
sports. There is a positive correlation between participation in sports
and positive outcomes, yet as girls get older their rate of participation
declines. To find out why girls participate in sports, the researcher
observed the socialization process of 12 girls between the ages of 10 and
12 who were playing softball for an all-girl league during one spring
season in 1996. Based on data collected through journals, surveys,
artifacts, and as a participant observer, the researcher used Carbaugh's
theory of situated selves (e.g. identities of gender, athlete, and
personhood) to examine the messages parents send to encourage or
discourage their daughters' participation in sports, a microcosm
reflecting society's values. The research findings indicate parents
played an influential role in encouraging their daughters to play
softball. Longitudinal studies are needed to explain whether
communication practices related to coaching style, learned helplessness,
and fun are factors affecting drop out rates for female adolescent

Sharyn Hushka

Anne Kinzel wrote:

> Dear Ms. Hushka:
> I saw on your posting that you had done a research paper on girls and
> sport. Just out of curiosity , what was your paper on. Thanks!

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