Re(5): Boys from the Court
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:58:58 EST

We are really very afraid and frustrated regarding what we think the ruling by
the Supreme Court will be regarding peer sexual harassment. I have here,
supposely, a letter of apology by an 8th grade boy who called my just turned 11
year old daughter a bitch. he came by her locker and said: Hi bitch'' and walked

The school made him apologize verbally and in writing. The boy wrote:" _____I am
sorry I called you a bitch. I didn't think I was hurting you. I thought you
would laugh. I am sorry."

I have kept this letter and this is the best illustration of what is really
ocurring regarding sexual harasment in our schools. The Supreme Court is way off
base with their preliminary comments. They should be ashamed of

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