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Dear Working Group Members,

Please find below an update on the upcoming videoconference. It contains
more information on the program and more details on the satellite
broadcast. UNIFEM is also asking you for assistance with establishing
additional satellite connections. Please forward this message on to people
who would like to join us on 8 March!

As always many thanks and warm regards,

the Moderators



On March 8, 1999, the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM),
in collaboration with other UN agencies, will host "A World Free of
Violence Against Women," a global multimedia event to end violence against
women. Live, two-way video will link human rights activists and
policy-makers in India, Kenya, Mexico and Belgium with decision-makers,
government representatives, academics, and media representatives.
Together, they will discuss critical policy directions, steps that must be
taken, and successful actions in eradicating violence against women. They
will examine a range of issues including domestic violence, female genital
mutilation, rape as a weapon of war, economically-related violence such as
trafficking and dowry deaths.

We are pleased to announce that Intelsat has generously donated satellite
time for the videoconference, in order to express their support for
women's rights and their commitment to helping end violence against women
on a worldwide scale. We are also very grateful to the firm ATC, which has
kindly donated an uplink to the satellite from their New York earth
station, to express their commitment to women's human rights.

These two crucial contributions make it possible for organizations on the
east coast of North America, many countries in South America, the Middle
East and Europe, to downlink the videoconference and air it in their
countries. If you would like to view the videoconference via television,
please contact your local network, cable, or public television station to
request that they air the videoconference, which will be held 8 March
1999, 9:30am to 11:00 am Eastern time. The signal can be downlinked from
Intelsat 705 at satellite 342, transponder 38/38, frequency 4188.

We are currently seeking three types of assistance in order to make the
event accessible globally:

* A teleport (earth station) in Europe and one in the Pacific region
(e.g., Japan or Hong Kong), that would each provide a downlink and uplink
to an Intelsat satellite further east. In this way, we can provide almost
global access to this historic event. Virtually any PTT or broadcast
television station has earth stations with this capability.
* A US C-band channel and teleport in the US that would downlink the
signal from Intelsat 705 at satellite 342, transponder 38/38, frequency
4188 for downlink; frequency 6413 for uplink. In this way we can provide
access throughout North America

* Help in distributing the event, by providing downlinks in countries
around the world, which would air the event, and/or relay it to local
stations for broadcast

If you can assist us in identifying such an organization, please contact
Dr. Janice Brodman <> as soon as possible.

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