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Join Us for Myra Sadker Day
March 5th
A National Effort to Break Gender Barriers

The purpose of Myra Sadker Day is to create a national rallying point to
promote gender equity. This day is named in honor of Dr. Myra Pollack Sadker
(1943-1995), who pioneered much of the research documenting gender bias in
America's schools. These activities range from modest gestures to major
initiatives. Volunteers, who are called Myra Sadker Advocates, include teachers
and parents influenced by her writings and lectures, former students, youth
service workers, children of all ages, and citizens from across the nation who
are committed to the goal of gender equity. Myra Sadker Day is fueled by the
commitment of these volunteers.
Want more information about school or community activities and other
suggestions? We have more than 100 ways you can celebrate the day and
take issues of gender equity to schools, the workplace and communities.

Visit us for additional material and information through our website:

Please send this electronic reminder to many friends and colleagues. Overwhelm
us with your efforts and successes. Gender equity and Myra will be grateful.

David Sadker
Myra Sadker Advocates
suite 300
1401 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

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