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Here's a posted note to EdEquity last December, maybe it could help you. Sharon

          Grant to encourage girls in math

A grant opportunity some may be interested in:

The MAA plans to award grants (up to $5000) for projects designed to
encourage college and university women or high school and middle
school girls to study mathematics. The Tensor Foundation, working through
the MAA, is soliciting college, university and secondary mathematics
faculty (in conjunction with college or university faculty) and their
departments and institutions to submit proposals.

Possible projects are to:

-organize a club for women interested in mathematics or mathematics
and science;
-provide release time to allow a faculty member to prepare a course
on women and mathematics, provided the host
-institution agrees to offer such a course;
-create a network of women professional mentors who will direct
mathematics projects for girls;
-hold a conference for counselors to prepare them to encourage women
and girls to continue to study mathematics;
-conduct a summer mathematics program for high school women;
-bring high school women onto a college campus for a Math Day, or
Math Career Day;
-structure a program for high school and/or college women to mentor
younger female mathematics students with math projects or math clubs;
-form partnerships with industry to acquaint women students with
real-life applications of mathematics.

Proposals are a maximum of 3 pages long and should be submitted as
soon as possible, but must arrive no later than February 5, 1999.
Matching funds are required.

For more information see their website:

or contact:
Dr. Bernice Kastner
Mathematical Association of America
1529 Eighteenth Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

Ph: 800.741.9415
Fax: 202.483.5450

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