Title IX applies here too

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- More women are becoming college professors but they
get less pay and fewer promotions, a survey by a university faculty trade
group finds.

In 1974-75, women made up 22.5 percent of all U.S. faculty members. By
1997-98 the percentage had increased to 33.8.

But the study by the American Association of University Professors
indicates that more than half the women are in lower positions such as
lecturers and instructors, regardless of the type of institution.

In 1997-98, women represented 55.6 percent of lecturers, 58.6 percent of
instructors and 46.8 percent of assistant professors -- the profession's
full- time entry level position.

But just 18.7 percent of full professors were women.

The data are based on an annual survey of about 2,500 public and private
college administrators. The response rate is about 75 percent, researchers

Women also are more likely to work at community colleges, which
generally pay less than four-year colleges and universities.

The report, released Tuesday by the group, was also published in the
January- February 1999 issue of Academe, the group's journal.

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