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New Publications Focus on
Critical Gender Equity Issues

In recent weeks we have released two exciting new publications—a digest and a manual for in-service training—that focus on some of the most important gender equity issues today.

Equity and Careers: Progress and Promise
Drawn from extensive research on career development issues and trends in the 30 years since Title IX was enacted, this digest explores how career choices—and especially the discarding of options—begin at an early age. Girls need to begin exploring career options, including nontraditional career paths, early in their school lives. This digest offers career development strategies to engage all girls in career development programs, discusses school reform efforts and the remaining obstacles to improving school-to-career and vocational education programs for girls and young women, and includes a list of resources from WEEA and other organizations. To download a pdf copy, click the following link:

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Related Resources
Several of the current projects funded by the WEEA program are working to increase career options for women and girls (other programs are listed in the publication Gender Matters). Click here to read more about them.


Gender Matters: Training for Educators Working with Students with Disabilities
Girls and young women with disabilities often face double discrimination based on gender and disability. Written by nationally renowned experts Harilyn Rousso and Michael Wehmeyer, this in-service training program helps teachers and other professionals working with students with disabilities recognize bias and create a gender equitable classroom environment that benefits all students. Click here to order Gender Matters.

Related Resources
Three of the current projects funded by the WEEA program focus on improving educational outcomes for students with disabilities. Click here to read more about them.


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New Publications Focus on Critical Gender Equity Issues

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