Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics
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Building Math Knowledge for Teaching Fractions to Struggling Learners

District Application

Please read the information below. Then fill out the District Application Form.

Participation Requirements for Districts
EDC will provide districts with a powerful professional development program for free (a value of $1200 per teacher).   To participate, districts need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Recruit a group of 3-8 teachers (5th and/or 6th grade) to participate in the program.
    • The program is designed for general education teachers, math teachers, and special educators who do not have extensive math backgrounds.
    • The minimum number is 3 teachers. The program is designed for teachers to participate with colleagues so that they can collaborate and support each other in trying ideas with students. We strongly recommend having more than one teacher from a school and encourage general and special educators who work with the same students to take the PD together.

      Note: If you would like to send more than 8 teachers, contact us to discuss the possibility.

    • Teachers are required to participate in all 3 components of the PD program (summer institute, online course, and workshop) and the research activities. (See page 2). Teachers will receive a stipend of $800.00 for completing the research activities.
    • Math leaders, coordinators, and coaches are encouraged to attend the PD with teachers.
  1. Select a math leader who will act as a district liaison to help EDC implement the professional development program and the research activities. The liaison will have the following responsibilities:
    • Communicate information to participating teachers and to their principals.
    • Help EDC staff to administer two surveys to the students of participating teachers in September and again after teachers finish teaching fractions.  The survey asks students opinion questions about math (about 10 minutes).  The assessment has fraction problems (about 30 minutes).  (EDC will provide parent consent forms for district approval.) 
    • Make arrangements for substitute coverage for the workshop (see below).
    • Support teachers who are participating in the PD on an as needed basis. Participating teachers may want assistance with trying ideas with students.
    • Liaisons will receive a stipend of $300 as a thank you for their assistance.
  1. Provide release time and substitute coverage for teachers to attend the 1-day workshop on Thursday, December 6, 2012. Note: if this date poses a problem, please let us know. 


  1. Initial Phone Call:   If your district might be interested in participating, contact Amy Brodesky.  We will have a short phone call to determine whether the program is a good match to your district’s needs.
  2. Recruitment of Teachers:  Districts need to have 3-8 teachers who have agreed to participate in the full PD program (summer institute, online course, and workshop) and research activities.
    Reqirements for participation can be found on the Teacher Registration information page.
  3. Application Forms: Fill out the District Application Form (Online | PDF) and ask each interested teacher to fill out a Teacher Registration Form (Online | PDF) by May 10, 2012.
  4. Review Process: EDC will review applications and make acceptance decisions by May 23, 2012.
  5. Deposit: If your district is accepted, you need to provide EDC with a $100 deposit to hold a place for your teachers. This money will be returned to your district after the program is completed.

Cancellation Policy:  If your district withdraws before June 5, 2012, you will be refunded $50.00.   After June 5th,  no refunds will be given.

Please complete the District Application Form.