Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics
three middle-school aged children
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Math Accessibility

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Host a PD Course for Math Teachers & Special Educators

Improving Math Learning for Students with Disabilities:
Algebraic Thinking, Expressions, and Equations (Grade 6-8)


This powerful course helps middle grades math teachers and special educators make their mathematics instruction more accessible to struggling learners while maintaining the integrity of the math content. Teachers will deepen their understanding of the Algebraic Thinking, Expressions, and Equations standards, students with learning disabilities, and effective instructional practices. By providing practical suggestions and Accessibility Planning Tools, the course will enable teachers to apply strategies with their students and math curricula.


What will EDC provide to hosting districts?

Accepted districts will get the course, facilitator training, and participant materials for FREE.

Districts facilitators will receive:

Teacher participants will receive a course binder with handouts and resources.

What do districts need to do to HOST the course?

Applications were due July 15, 2012.

No new Applications are being accepted at this time.

For more information or to apply, contact Amy Brodesky at