Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics
three middle-school aged children
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Special Connections
Teacher tools, research, case studies, and information on different collaborative teaching situations, including online collaboration.

Math and Accessibility

The Access Center
Helpful Math resources relating to students with disabilities, including information briefs, links, presentations, and webinars.

All Kinds of Minds Material on learning mathematics and suggestions for helping learners from Mel Levine's non-profit institute for the understanding of differences in learning.

Literacy Matters
Selected links with information and strategies for helping students develop the the reading and writing skills they need for success in math.

This site provides videos and information on instructional strategies that teachers can use to help students who are having difficulty learning mathematics.

Misunderstood Minds
Focuses on the work of Mel Levine and has a section on mathematics.

Reading Your Mathematics Textbook, by Alex M. McAllister
How to read (or help others read) math textbooks effectively as part of learning math.

Special Education

Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at the University of Vermont
Information on including all students in statewide assessments (as one aspect of valued life outcomes for individuals with disabilities of all ages).

The Council for Exceptional Children
The largest organization in America for special education. Represents parents, students, teachers, and teacher educators. Links to important websites and research databases.

Hello Friend
Site dedicated to Ennis Cosby (son of Bill), and focused on kids with learning disabiliities.

Information about learning disabilities and ADHD. Articles, monthly columns, first person essays, children’s writing and art, forums, and a comprehensive resource guide.

The National Center on Educational Outcomes
Provides national leadership in the participation of students with disabilities in national and state assessments.

Study Groups

Looking at Student Work
Ideas and resources for the practice of looking at student work to strengthen connections between instruction, curriculum, and other aspects of school life in order to improve students' learning.

Teacher assignments with benchmarked student work samples and classroom-tested, standards-based assessment materials.

Critical Friends Groups
Information, updates, events and resources for Critical Friendship and Facilitative Leadership, from the National School Reform Faculty.

Lesson Study Research Group
Information, research, and networking opportunities for US educators interested in lesson study.

NW Regional Educational Laboratory

Clear and detailed description of the lesson study process.

Lesson Study Communities Project in Secondary Mathematics
Information about this project to support teams of secondary mathematics teachers in Eastern Massachusetts in implementing lesson study.

Study Groups: Articles, Books, and Journals

Article: Looking at Student Work for Teacher Learning, Teacher Community and School Reform by Judith Warren Little, Maryl Gearhart, Marnie Curry, and Judith Kafka
A two-year study examined approaches to looking at student work, and saw evidence emerge on what aspects benefit teaching and learning.

Book: Collaborative Analysis of Student Work: Improving Teaching and Learning by Georgea M. Langer, Amy B. Colton, and Loretta S. Goff.
How to set up analysis of student work in a system that combines action research, study groups, standards-based learning, student assessment, teacher reflection, and portfolio assessment.

Book: A Facilitator's Book of Questions: Resources for Looking Together at Student and Teacher Work, by David Allen and Tina Blythe.
Resources and strategies for using protocols, or structured conversations, to support successful group work.

Technology Strategies

CITEd offers online technical assistance tools, professional development, best practices, and communities of practice to support leaders in integrating technology so that all students achieve high educational standards.

Graph Paper Printer
Print and customize all kinds of graph paper.

Math Applets
Library of Virtual Manipulatives:
Illuminations online activities:
Project Interactivate:
Seeing Math:

Math Dictionaries
Math Dictionary for Kids:
The Math Lab Dictionary:
Project Interactivate’s Dictionary:
Intermath Dictionary:

Tape recordings of some math curricula
Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic. 609-452-0606. |

Universal Design for Learning

Information on Universal Design for Learning. The Teaching Every Student (TES) section of the CAST site includes planning tools and activities.

UDL Resources and Tools Online
NEIRTEC has compiled resources and tools regarding Universal Design for Learning, including a downloadable, printable resource bookmark.