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Frequently Asked Questions about the National Survey


1. What are the goals of the project?
The project has two main goals: to conduct a survey of how U.S. schools provide instruction and support to middle grades students who are struggling in mathematics, and to use the findings to create free resources for teachers.

2. Who is conducting the survey?
The survey is being conducted by Education Development Center ( with funding from the National Science Foundation. The EDC project team has decades of experience in mathematics education, special education, professional development, and educational research. We developed the survey in collaboration with teachers and school/district leaders.

3. How was your school selected for participation in the survey?
We randomly selected a nationally representative sample of U.S. public schools with grades 6-8. Your school was selected to receive the survey.

4. How were individual educators selected to answer the survey?
We reviewed school websites and called schools to identify one math educator per school who was likely to know about the school’s approaches for supporting struggling mathematics learners. These educators include math interventionists, math teachers, math coaches, department chairs and others. If we were unable to identify a math educator through this process, we are asking the principal to forward the survey to the appropriate person.

5. If you participate in the survey, will your information be confidential?
Yes. Only researchers on this project will have access to the survey data. The findings will be reported without any identifying information for individuals, schools, or districts. We received Internal Review Board (IRB) approval for the study.

6. Is participation in the survey voluntary?
Yes. Participation is voluntary and your help is greatly appreciated. Your response will help ensure that we have a complete and accurate picture of the many ways that U.S. schools support struggling mathematics learners in the middle grades.

7. Will you have access to a report of the national survey findings?
Yes. We will offer you a free copy of our report describing the survey results.

8. How will the survey findings be shared and used?
We will share our findings by offering free webinars, presenting at educational conferences, and publishing articles. In addition, we will use the findings to create free and publicly available resources for teachers.

9. Who should you contact with questions about the survey?
If you have any questions or if you do not receive the survey link, please contact Amy Brodesky, project director, at