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From Summer 1995
Volume II, Number 2

Putting It Together: A model for Integrating Injury Control System Elements is a statement on the value of collaboration in traffic safety developed by NHTSA Administrator Dr. Ricardo Martinez and his staff. Putting It Together presents a vision of "an integrated control system, where linkages and partnerships exist among the system components, as well as with business, government, health care, and community groups working together to reduce the toll of injuries." An executive summary of Putting It Together is available from the Health Care Task Force (NOA-01), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20590. Phone (202) 366-2105, fax (202) 366-2106. An implementation plan will be available at a future time. Putting It Together advances the cause of goal one of People Saving People: On the Road to a Healthier Future, NHTSA's strategic plan, which is available from NHTSA, Office of Planning and Policy, 400 Seventh Street, S.W., NTS 10, Washington, DC 20590. Phone (202) 366-1574.

The Injury Control Resource Information Network (ICRIN) is an invaluable resource available over the Internet World Wide Web. Developed by Hank Weiss of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Injury Research and Control, ICRIN provides a number of valuable resources including links to virtually every Internet site of interest to traffic safety and injury prevention professionals. Some of the resources found at ICRIN include information on conferences and meetings and a list of E codes (see E Codes Article in this issue). Internet sites linked to ICRIN include those operated by a number of federal agencies (including the U.S. Department of Transportation), the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, the American Public Health Association Injury Control and Emergency Health Services Section, and several injury prevention and control research centers. Readers with access to the World Wide Web can find ICRIN at []. For further information, contact Hank Weiss, Center for Injury Research and Control, MUH/NE 560, 200 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2582. Phone (412) 692-2800, fax (412) 692-2815, or e-mail []. Please contact Mr. Weiss only for questions on ICRIN and not with general questions on Internet access.

NHRSA Online is now available through FedWorld, the online source for government information operated by the National Technical Information Service. NHTSA's system currently contains over 230 downloadable files including information for consumers, and information on NHTSA safety campaigns, emergency medical services, and automobile recalls. Also available are ways to electronically submit questions or comments to NHTSA as well as forums for the public discussion of traffic safety issues.

FedWorld can be reached with a personal computer and a modem by dialing (703) 321-8020. For those with Internet access, FedWorld can also be reached by telnet at [] or [], by FTP at [] or [], and on the World Wide Web at []. For more information about FedWorld, call FedWorld Help Desk at (703) 487-4608. The United States Department of Transportation also has a World Wide Web site at [].

The National Electronic Injury Seminaris a series of quarterly telephone conference calls designed to inform injury prevention and traffic safety professionals about new developments and approaches. Each seminar is held using the California Department of Health Services' electronic telephone bridge which allows a large number of individuals from across the country to call in and participate. Each session includes a presentation by a guest speaker and an opportunity for participants to ask questions or contribute to the discussion. Many of the seminar topics would interest those in traffic safety. For example in January 1005, Captain Steve Ellis of the California Highway Patrol presented on "Passing primary Seatbelt Legislation." In April, James Mosher of the Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems spoke on "Alcohol Prevention: Role of State Agencies in Promoting Policy Change." For more information, contact Barb Alberson, California Department of Health Services, (916) 323-3486.

The National Traffic Law Center (NTLC) was created by the American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI), in conjunction with NHTSA. NTLC seeks to improve the quality of justice in traffic safety adjudication. The center provides a broad range of services to prosecutors' offices and others including training, research, and assistance with evidentiary and technical issues. The NTLC's clearinghouse includes case law, model legislation, research reports, state statutes, trial documents, and training materials. NTLC maintains a list of experts and publishes Between the Lines, a quarterly newsletter on highway safety laws and law enforcement. For more information, contact the National Traffic Law Center, 99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 510, Alexandria, VA 22314. Phone (703) 549-4253.

CrashCost is an easy-to-use software program, developed by NHTSA, which allows users to calculate estimates for the economic costs of motor vehicle crashes for each state, including costs of alcohol-related crashes. The program can estimate individual categories of costs including medical costs, insurance costs, property damage, and lost productivity. The program can also calculate costs saved if states meet seat belt use or motorcycle helmet use goals. Data for 1992 for all states is included, although users can input more recent data or community-level data if they wish to do estimates on a smaller scale. CrashCost is a DOS program and cannot be used on computers running Windows. Copies of CrashCost are available free of charge from NHTSA, National Organizations Division, 400 Seventh Street, S.W., #5118, NTS-11, Washington, DC 20590. Phone (202) 366-2683.

Managed Care: Impact on Injury Control is the focus of a September 14-16 conference in Charleston, WV. The conference will explore how managed care will impact injury prevention, emergency services, and the collection and analysis of injury data. For more information, contact the Center for Rural Emergency Medicine, P.O. Box 9151, Robert C. Byrd Health Science Center, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506. Phone (304) 293-6682.

Injury Control in a Managed Care Environment is the title of a session at this year's annual meeting of the American Public Health Association in San Diego. The session will be held at 7 pm on October 31 and feature, among others, Dr. Ricardo Martinez, NHTSA administrator; Dr. Mark Rosenberg, director of CDC's National Center for Injury Control and Prevention; and Dr. Robert Thompson from Group Health of Puget Sound. Contact information for the annual meeting can be found in "Resources."

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