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Statewide Initiative Leadership Institutes

Since 2000, more than 150 representatives from 47 states have participated in annual Statewide Initiative Leadership Institutes (SILI) to address how comprehensive statewide efforts can curb college student underage and high-risk drinking. Meeting participants have come from state government substance abuse offices and alcohol beverage control agencies, colleges and universities, and state coalitions working to reduce underage drinking.

The purpose of the Leadership Institutes has been to bring together representatives of both established and emerging statewide college AOD prevention initiatives to share and analyze past experience, identify lessons learned, and develop strategies for moving forward with existing initiatives. The first Institute, held in 2000, was supported by the U.S. Department of Education. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has provided funding for subsequent Institutes. Center staff has provided workshops on environmental management, strategic planning, assessment and evaluation, fundraising, use of the media, presidential involvement, and statewide initiative leadership skills. The Institutes have provided an opportunity for leaders to exchange information about lessons learned, both successes and barriers to success.

Press Releases:

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SILI 4: June 24, 2002
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