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The Center for Mathematics Education at EDC

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The Center for Mathematics Education at EDC is dedicated to promoting a high quality mathematics education for all through research-informed improvements in curriculum, teacher education, and policy.

Here are a few current and recent CME projects, illustrating the range of our project work. For a more complete project list, click here


CME Project is a comprehensive 4-year high school curriculum project funded by the National Science Foundation and published by Pearson. It incorporates materials from two of our earlier curriculum projects, Connected Geometry and Mathematical Methods in High School.

CME Project Linear Algebra and Geometry is an additional course in the CME Project series that is designed for schools that want to offer an elective to students who have finished the traditional high school program or who want an alternative to the first or second course in calculus. Funded by the NSF and currently in development, it will consist of three parts: a core semester that develops the basic algebra and geometry of vectors and matrices, a second semester that completes a traditional undergraduate typical linear algebra course, and a set of several stand-alone modules to build on the core to survey several applications of linear algebra in mathematics-related fields.

Number Crew is a multimedia K-1 mathematics curriculum originally developed for use in the United Kingdom, adapted by EDC for use in the U.S.

ThinkMath! is a comprehensive K-5 mathematics curriculum published by Harcourt School Publishers from materials created for a project funded by the National Science Foundation.

Professional Development for Educators
The Center for the Scholarship of School Mathematics offers a summer institute and follow-on academic year program for faculty who teach doctoral students in education. The institute is dedicated to offering opportunities for engaging in personally relevant mathematics, experiencing mathematics as a mathematician, and focusing on developing mathematical-mindedness. Click here for more information.

Ways to Think About Mathematics: Activities and Investigations for Grade 6-12 Teachers, published by Corwin Press and based on materials created for the NSF-funded Connecting with Mathematics project, provides exploratory problem solving experiences for current and prospective teachers.

An Epistemology of Dynamic Geometry investigated how students construct mathematical ideas in "dynamic geometry" environments (software tools like Geometer's Sketchpad and Cabri).

Professional Development and Resource Development

The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center, supports school districts as they consider and implement new mathematics curricula that align to the NCTM Standards.

Lesson in Study Communities in Secondary Mathematics provided two years of professional development and lesson study support to teams of middle and high school teachers in the Greater Boston area and is building a community of teachers around lesson study in mathematics.

Educational Policy

Building on Strengths: Cooperation among Mathematicians and Educators convened mathematicians, mathematics educators, and K-12 teachers at a national conference. Participants shared their views and opinions and participated in lively discussions about issues in mathematics education.