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CME Showcase

The CME Showcase provides access to electronic versions of presentation slides and other resources used in presentations by CME staff at conferences and workshops.

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Recent CME Presentations

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Massachusetts Mathematics Association of Teacher Educators (MassMATE),
Keynote Address, June 11, 2008, Roger Williams University

E. Paul Goldenberg, "What do Attention, Memory, and Language Learning have to do with Problem Solving?" Presentation Slides

Institute for Mathematics and Education, University of Arizona, February 2008

Al Cuoco

"Mathematicians Working with Teachers," February 21, 2008
    Presentation Slides (PDF)
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)
"Some Ideas for Fourth Year Courses," February 26, 2008
    Presentation Slides (PDF)
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)

MSP Learning Network Conference, Washington DC, January 28-29, 2008.

Panel: Deep Experience of Mathematics: Impact on Teachers

Glenn Stevens, Boston University

Panel Introduction Presentation Slides (PDF)

Gail Burrill, Park City Mathematics Institute

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Al Cuoco, Focus on Mathematics

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Jim Lewis, Math in the Middle

Presentation Slides (PDF)
Bill McCallum, Arizona Teacher Institute
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Joint Meetings of the AMS and MAA, San Diego CA, Jan 6-9, 2008

Al Cuoco

"Linear Algebra and Geometry: Advanced Mathematics for More Students," Presentation Slides (PDF)
"Building a Community of Mathematicians, Teachers, and Educators," Presentation Slides (PDF - 4.6 Mb)

Project NExT Panel, "Helping students develop mathematical habits of minds without compromising key concepts from the syllabus" (organized by Kien Lim and Kristin Camenga)

Panel Overview (PDF)
Introduction, Presentation Slides (PDF)

Al Cuoco, Presentation Slides (PDF)
Annie Selden, Presentation Slides (PDF)
Hyman Bass, Presentation Slides (PDF)
Guershon Harel, Presentation Slides (PDF)

"A Day of Mathematics," Tyngsboro MA, November 15, 2007

Ryota Matsuura and Sarah Sword, "Computer algebra systems and high school mathematics."

Presentation slides (PDF)
Handouts (PDF)

Jean Benson and Doreen Kilday, "How does the bank figure the monthly payment on a loan?"

Presentation slides (PDF)
Handouts (PDF)

Bowen Kerins, "The mathematics behind game shows."

Handouts (PDF)

Al Cuoco, "Mathematical induction and other stuff."

Presentation slides (PDF)
Handouts (PDF)

Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing, New York NY

Paul Goldenberg, "Short Introduction to CMEP Geometry"

MAA Mathfest, San Jose CA, August 3-5, 2007

"Developing Content-Based Masters Programs for Inservice Mathematics Teachers." Panelists: Steve Benson, EDC and University of New Hampshire; Trisha Bergthold, San Jose State University; Karen Marrongelle, (presider), Portland State University; Joe Yanik, Emporia State University.

Steve Benson & Neil Portnoy (University of New Hampshire), "Infusing Connections into Core Courses for Secondary Teachers," Minicourse #2

4th Annual Meeting of USACAS, Aurora IL, June 16-17, 2007

Kevin Waterman & Gosia Brothers (Texas Instruments), "Curriculum and Technology: Evolving Together." Presentation Slides (pdf)

Kevin Waterman, James Fey (University of Maryland), M. Kathleen Heid (The Pennsylvania State University), Zalman Usiskin (University of Chicago), Natalie Jakucyn (Moderator- Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, IL),
"U.S. CAS–Active Curriculum Panel." Kevin Waterman's Opening Slides (pdf)

Annual meeting of NCTM, Atlanta GA, March 21-24, 2007

Deborah Rosenfeld, "Capturing, Sustaining, and Transferring Curiosity," Presentation Slides (pdf)

Al Cuoco, Bowen Kerins, Sarah Sword, & Kevin Waterman, "Computer Algebra Systems: Tools for Developing Algebraic Habits of Mind," Presentation Slides (pdf)

Annual meeting of NCSM, Atlanta GA, March 19-22, 2007

Wayne Harvey, Al Cuoco, Steve Benson, Sarah Sword, Kathy Bodie & Glenn Stevens, "Fostering Sustainable Mathematical Learning Communities of Teachers and Administrators," Presentation Slides (pdf)

Deborah Rosenfeld, "Successful Outcomes For All: The Essential Kindergarten Curriculum," Presentation Slides (pdf)

Al Cuoco, Bowen Kerins, Sarah Sword, & Kevin Waterman, "CME Project: Promoting Mathematical Habits of Mind in High School," Presentation Slides (pdf)

AMTE Conference, Irvine CA, January 25-27, 2007

Sarah Sword and Anne Marie Marshall, "Mathematics for Mathematics Educators," Presentation Slides (pdf)

Joint Meetings of MAA/AMS, New Orleans, January 4-8, 2007

Sarah Sword (for Eden Badertscher), "Expanding Notions of What We Consider Mathematics Content," Presentation slides (pdf)

Steve Benson, "Connecting Postsecondary and Secondary Mathematics: Content for Preservice Teacher Courses," Presentation slides (pdf)

Bowen Kerins,"Teaching and Learning Mathematics in a CAS Enriched Environment: College Algebra to Real Analysis," Presentation slides (pdf)

Building and Sustaining Communities of Mathematicians and Teachers, AMS/MAA/MER Special Session organized by Sarah Sword and Steve Benson

Colloquium, Center for Mathematics Education, University of Maryland, December 1, 2006

Al Cuoco, "Promoting Mathematical Habits in High School: Some Snapshots," Presentation slides (pdf)

NCTM Regional Meeting, Chicago IL, September 20-22, 2006

Al Cuoco, "Applications of CAS (and other) Technology to Topics in High School Mathematics," Presentation slides (pdf)

MAA Mathfest, Knoxville TN, August 9-12, 2006

Steve Benson & Karen Graham (University of New Hampshire), "Infusing Connections into Core Courses for Secondary Teachers," Minicourse #2
Presentation slides (pdf), Activities shared during minicourse (pdf)

Kentucky Center for Mathematics Workshop for Middle/High School Coaches, July 17-21, 2006

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PCMI Professional Development Group, June 2006

Wayne Harvey, "PCMI Designing and Implementing Professional Development," Presentation slides (PDF)

Al Cuoco, "Mathematics for Teaching: A Taxonomy for Professional Development," Presentation slides (PDF)

University of Padova, May 26, 2006

Al Cuoco, "Matematica per Progettare i Problemi: Matematica Applicata all' Insegnamento" (translation by Anna Baccaglini-Frank), Presentation slides (PDF)

2006 Webber Award Ceremony Keynote Address, University of Delaware, May 4, 2006

Al Cuoco, "The Mathematics of Pleasing Problems: Mathematics Applied to Teaching." Presentation Slides (PDF)

Annual Meeting of NCTM, April 26-29, 2006

Anna Baccaglini-Frank, Al Cuoco, Bowen Kerins, Sarah Sword, Audrey Ting, Kevin Waterman, "Some Tested Approaches to Topics in High School Mathematics." Presentation Slides (PDF), Handouts (PDF)

Eric E. Karnowski, "Practice with a Purpose: How Do I Teach the Basics without Boredom?", Handout Packet (PDF)

Paisley Rossetti, "Skills or Understanding? Why Not Both?" Powerpoint, Handout Packet (PDF)

Deborah Rosenfeld and Suenita Lawrence, "Stop Pulling Teeth: How to Extract Students' Mathematical Thinking." Powerpoint, Handout Packet (PDF)

NCTM Research Presession, April 25-27, 2006

Sarah Sword, Dan Chazan, Eden Badertscher, Christy Graybeal, Mike Lueke, Ann Marie Marshall, "A Course for Ph.D. Students in Mathematics Education at the University of Maryland's Mid-Atlantic Center for Mathematics Teaching and Learning." (Poster Session) Powerpoint, PDF

Annual Meeting of NCSM, April 24-26, 2006

Wayne Harvey, Glenn Stevens, Al Cuoco, Steve Benson, and Sarah Sword, "Focus on Mathematics: Lessons Learned from a Wide-Ranging Partnership of Grade 5-12 Teachers, Administrators, and Professional Mathematicians." Presentation Slides (PDF) (8.7 Mb file)

Lesson Study Open House, Watertown Middle School, April 11, 2006

Sarah Sword, "What Would Justin Do?", Mathematics Presentation, Powerpoint, PDF

AMS/MAA Joint Meetings, San Antonio TX, January 12-15, 2006

Steve Benson, "Putting the Focus on Mathematics: Content-based Professional Development for Grade 5-12 Teachers." (Powerpoint) (PDF)

Sarah Sword (with Dan Chazan), "Research Experiences in Mathematics for Mathematics Educators." (Powerpoint) (PDF)

AMS Southeast Section Meeting, Johnson City, TN, October 15-16, 2005, Special Session on Mathematical Education of Teachers

Al Cuoco, Mathematics for Teaching: Suggestions for Mathematics Programs for Teachers

MAA Mathfest, Albuquerque NM, August 3-6, 2005

Steve Benson,"Infusing Connections into Core Courses for Future Secondary Teachers," MAA Minicourse #3

PMET Workshop on Educating Secondary Teachers, University of Alabama, May 28, 2005

Steve Benson, "Seeing Mathematical Connections in Courses for Preservice Teachers (and Other Mathematics Majors)"

Teachers College, Columbia University, April 25, 2005.

Al Cuoco, "Functions, Tables, and Combination Locks"

NCTM/NCSM annual meeting, Anaheim CA, April 4-8, 2005

  • Karen Graham, Neil Portnoy, and Steve Benson, "Seeing the Connections" (NCTM workshop)

Mathematics Teachers in Appalachia: Future and Present, Morehead State University, Morehead KY, February 25-26, 2005

Joint Meetings of AMS/MAA, Atlanta GA, January 5-8, 2005

ATMNE conference, Providence RI, October 21-23, 2004

NCTM Regional Meeting in Baltimore, October 14-16, 2004

NCTM/NCSM Annual Meetings (Philadelphia, PA - April 2004)

Jean Benson and Nina Shteingold, "Making Time for Problem Solving and Also Building Basic Skills" (handouts)

Joint Meetings of AMS/MAA, Phoenix AZ, January 7-10, 2004

Steve Benson and Al Cuoco, "Seeing the Connections: Promoting Profound Understanding of Secondary Mathematics," MAA Poster Session on Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

Mathematics for Teaching Colloquium at Emmanuel College,
December 15, 2003 (a partial collection)

Centennial ATMNE conference, Manchester NH,
November 6-8, 2003)

Steve Benson, "1, 4, 9, What's next? 42, of course!"

Bowen Kerins, "Patterns, tables, and combination locks"

TIME conference, Queens College, NY, October 2003

The Third Computer Algebra in Mathematics Education Symposium
Reims, France, June 23-24, 2003

Al Cuoco, "CAS and Curriculum: Real Improvement or Deja Vu All Over Again?"

MA Insight meeting, May 29, 2003

The Mid-Atlantic Center for Teaching and Learning,
University of Maryland (April 25, 2003)

Al Cuoco

NCSM Annual Meeting (San Antonio, April 2003):

Paul Goldenberg & Andrea Humez, "Using Classroom Practice for Teachers' Professional Learning-Teachers Learning by Doing"

NCTM Annual Meeting (San Antonio, April 2003):

Al Cuoco, "Algebra for Teaching: Lessons Learned on the Job (PDF)

Paul Goldenberg, "Algebra Sweetly, or Developing Algebraic Ideas while Learning Arithmetic"

AMS/MAA Joint Meetings (Baltimore, MD - January 2003)

Steve Benson and Al Cuoco, "Seeing the Connections: Promoting Profound Understanding of Secondary Mathematics," Presentation slides

NCTM Regional Conference (November 14-16, 2002):

Al Cuoco, "Mathematical Methods: Topics in Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics,"

Providing Professional Development: Deepening Mathematical Content Knowledge, Lexington MA, May 9-10, 2002

"Connecting with Mathematics",

NCTM/NCSM Annual Meeting (Las Vegas, NV, April 2002):

Steve Benson and Al Cuoco, "Developing Algebraic Thinking in High School", (PDF)

Steve Benson and Karen Marrongelle, "Mathematical Olympians: Who are they, where are they from, and how did they get where they are?", (PDF)

Recent CME Publications

Mathematical Connections: A Companion for Teachers and Others, Al Cuoco, Mathematical Association of America, 2005

Ways to Think About Mathematics: Activities and Investigations for Grade 6-12 Teachers, Steve Benson with Susan Addington, Nina Arshavsky, Al Cuoco, Paul Goldenberg, and Eric Karnowski, Corwin Press, 2004.

Mathematical Habits of Mind for Young Children, E. Paul Goldenberg, Nina Shteingold, Nannette Feurzeig, appearing in Teaching mathematics through problem solving : prekindergarten-grade 6, ed. Frank Lester, NCTM, 2003

Computer Algebra Systems in Secondary School Mathematics Education, eds. Al Cuoco, James T. Fey, Carolyn Kieran, Lin McMullin, and Rose Mary Zbiek, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2003

Habits of Mind: An Organizing Principle of Mathematics Curriculum , Al Cuoco, Paul Goldenberg, and June Mark, prepublication version
(later published in Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 15(4), 375-402)

Additional resources

Samples from PROMYS and PCMI

PDF files from recent PROMYS and PCMI seminars

The Mathematics of Finance, Al Cuoco and Marvin Friedman 

Article (PDF)
Associated Geometer's Sketchpad file