Seeing the Connections:
Promoting Profound Understanding
of Secondary Mathematics

A collaborative curriculum project from

Education Development Center
University of New Hampshire
Stony Brook University

Funded by
The National Science Foundation

Seeing the Connections: Promoting Profound Understanding of Secondary Mathematics is a collaboration of the University of New Hampshire, Stony Brook University, and Education Development Center. The Seeing the Connections staff will produce, pilot, and disseminate curriculum modules for use in mathematics courses that help preservice teachers develop a knowledge of mathematics for teaching. Building on successful NSF-funded proof-of-concept projects, the Seeing the Connections curriculum will help secondary teachers develop important mathematical knowledge and skills required in their future careers---designing effective lessons, emphasizing certain ideas over others, connecting ideas across the grades, understanding germs of insight in students' questions, and placing topics in the precollege curriculum in the broader mathematical landscape.

The project staff, combining extensive expertise in curriculum development, undergraduate and secondary teaching, teacher preparation and professional development, and education research, will create and make widely available (in paper and electronic formats) a library of materials that can be used in a wide range of preservice and inservice environments.

The following proof-of-concept projects (funded by NSF) serve as the basis for the Seeing the Connections project. Click on a project for more information, including a table of contents of sample materials. Click here to request samples of these and other project materials.

Making the Connections: Higher Algebra to School Mathematics

Carole Greenes, PI, BU
Al Cuoco, Co-PI, EDC
Carol Findell, BU
Emma Previato, BU

Making Mathematical Connections in Programs for Prospective Teachers (DUE-9981029)

Karen Graham, PI, UNH
Neil Portnoy, CSU, Chico
Todd Grundmeier, UNH

Gateways to Advanced Mathematical Thinking (DUE-9450731)

Al Cuoco PI, EDC
Wayne Harvey, Co-PI, EDC

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