Connecting with Mathematics

What is Mathematical Investigation?
Dissections and Area
Linearity and Proportional Reasoning
Pythagoras and Cousins
Pascal's Revenge: Combinatorial Algebra
Games and Number Theory

Games and Number Theory

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This module was not used in the Ways to Think About Mathematics book

Games and Number Theory explores the process of mathematizing a structure or context that does not initially seem particularly mathematical. Participants are introduced to (or reminded of) terminology and properties of modular arithmetic (aka clock arithmetic), then use games and tricks to discover and highlight some important mathematical concepts. The module highlights the connections between modular arithmetic and the standard "long division" algorithm, the analysis of which opens up some new mathematical territory for participants. For example, through the dissection of a card trick, they discover important facts about remainders resulting from integer division and by developing the notion of reciprocals (mod n) they learn to solve linear congruences.

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