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Free webcast event: “Secrets of Engaging Business Partners to Promote IT Across Careers”

April 2, 2009

Students who have grown up with technology— the digital natives— have not necessarily developed basic IT skills needed for today’s 21st century work environment— as colleges are finding with increasing numbers. The challenge is not only preparing our students for today’s world of work, but also fostering future workplace success.

The NSF-ATE funded project IT Across Careers (ITAC) has developed a process that helps students build basic IT skills and apply them in a real world context. Working with local business partners, ITAC project staff and faculty teams crafted authentic workplace scenarios that seamlessly weave IT applications with problems and tasks commonly faced by workers in different careers. Learn new strategies and tips for engaging your business partners

Linda Scott, IT Across Careers Project (NSF-ATE), Education Development Center, Inc., Newton, MA

William Overby, Administration of Justice Program, Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon, WA

Peter Mayer, Parks and Recreation, City of Mercer Island, WA

in developing customized scenario examples for your career programs.

Date: April 2, 2009
Time: 2:00 – 3:15 p.m., ET

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The Invasion of the “New Learner” Empowered with Technology

PowerUsers of ICT: Youth who learn, play, and interact in virtual, global communities. Self-directed learners, advanced in ways beyond sophisticated technology skills, they have internalized the “logic” of computer systems, and their collaborative learning styles are foreign to many traditionally-trained educators. These new learners “empowered with technology” offer both exciting opportunities and challenges to educators. This session will examine curriculum and pedagogical implications for colleges and offer strategies for reaching and teaching the new learner empowered with ICT.

Special Session at the 2008 Conference on Information Technology sponsored by League for Innovation in the Community College, Dr. Joyce Malyn-Smith, Director Strategic Initiatives in Workforce and Human Development, EDC and Mr. David Smith, College of Information Technology, Kaplan University, presenters.

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A Community of Education and Business Partners Reinventing IT Education for Learning and Working

Global IT opportunitiesEight out of ten of the fastest-growing occupations are computer-related. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

While one might think of the typical IT worker as employed by a major software company or systems developer, the reality is that nine out of ten IT workers are found in banks, insurance companies, manufacturing plants or other non-IT businesses. (Source: ITAA 2003 IT Workforce Survey)

It is more important than ever for educators to prepare students for careers in IT. Yet the information and standards for IT education can be overwhelming, and sometimes daunting.

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