Educators' Website for Information Technology

About Us

Who We Are

Partners for Information Technology in Education and Training at EDC is a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds and experience in the IT industry, community organizations, K-12 public schools, career and technical education, and higher education.

We are committed to working across traditional boundaries and to employing inclusive, equitable and collaborative principles of interaction and engagement.

What We Do

We specialize in building capabilities in organizations and individuals seeking to develop/deepen information technology skills for living, learning, and working. Our customized programs are designed teach step by step techniques for planning, implementing, and evaluating initiatives. We convene and serve networks of policymakers and practitioners in working groups and peer networks. We share best practices, materials and tools through the EWIT (Educators Website for Information Technology) online resource center.

Our Offerings:
    Our products and services are designed for policy makers and practitioners developing strategic plans for education reform and /or employment systems, designing systems and allocating resources to build technology initiatives;

    Educators and employers developing College and Career Transition programs and systems at:
  • Community/ Technical Colleges and Universities
  • Secondary Technical/Vocational and Business Education schools
  • K-12 schools infusing technology into the curriculum
  • Employers of IT professionals collaborating with local educational institutions

Our products and services include:

Strategic Planning
Includes an IT Career Development Program Planning Guide that assists employers and educators in assessing current status of IT education-to-employment programs, and in planning for successful improvement/implementation of these programs.

Includes an IT Skills Self Assessment Evaluation Survey that enables school administrators to quickly determine areas of strength and areas that require targeted professional development in order to upgrade teacher's IT skills.

Curriculum Development
Includes tools, technical assistance and support to empower curriculum developers and teachers to conduct gap analyses, analyze curriculum to ensure focus on standards, and design/deliver problem-based and scenario learning.

Professional Development
Includes Online Institutes and Courses for Educators on a variety of topics such as Creating Scenario Based Assessments for IT Skills and Developing and Maintaining IT Internship Programs.

Includes community mapping, program and project evaluation.