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EDC Presentations

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2003 Presentations

National IT Career Cluster Institute — Phoenix, AZ June 1st-4th, 2003
2002 Presentations

EDC Publications

Applied Learning in Middle Schools
by Joyce Malyn-Smith

Building Strong Public/Private Partnerships in Information Technology: A Cross Cultural Primer
by The Techforce Initiative
This guide will help educators and employers working in Information Technology School-to-Career partnerships understand the concept of organizational culture, recognize the common issues that interfere with partnership building, and implement strategies to build strong and successful educator/employer partnerships.
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  • To order copies of the Cross-Cultural Primer, please visit the EDC publications site.

    IT Career Cluster Brochure
    by The IT Career Cluster Initiative
    This brochure is designed to inform students of any age (children, teens and adults), parents, guidance counselors, and teachers about the many IT career opportunities available across all industries, and the education required to pursue these opportunities. View the brochure. To order copies of the ITCC brochure, please visit the EDC publications site.

    IT Pathway Pipeline Model: Rethinking Information Technology Learning in Schools
    by Joyce Malyn-Smith
    What will it take to educate a society of knowledge workers? The Information Technology (IT) Pathway/Pipeline Model proposes a progression of skills and knowledge that links educational technology skills for learning with IT skills needed for success in high skilled, high wage careers.
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  • To order copies of the Pathway Pipeline Model, please visit the EDC publications site.

    STW and Gender Equity: Opportunity or Barrier to Economic Parity
    by Katherine Hanson, Joyce Malyn-Smith and Vivian Guilfoy

    Voluntary Industry Skill Standards- Integrated Standards and Equity
    by Joyce Malyn-Smith and Vivian Guilfoy

    Articles & Reports

    "Digital Transformation: A Framework for ICT Literacy"
    Educational Testing Service (ETS), 2003
    This report from the International ICT Literacy Panel, presents results and recommendations from the panel's study of the growing importance of existing and emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their relationship to literacy. The report is focused on the need for measures of ICT literacy, and to develop a workable framework for assessing and studying ICT literacy.

    "The Information Technology Career Cluster Initiative: Demystifying IT"
    Business Education Forum - April, 2003
    This article, by Joyce Malyn-Smith, provides an overview of the 3-year IT Career Cluster Initiative and provides guidance on how states education department staff, school district administrators and educators can use the IT Career Development Model as a tool for developing and expanding IT career education programs.

    "ITAA 2003 Report of Blue Ribbon Panel on Diversity in IT"
    Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), Arlington, VA, 2003.
    This study - released by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) - finds that racial minorities and women made few inroads into high tech employment between 1996 and 2002, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Surveys. The report also offers recommendations for increasing diversity in the IT field.

    "Tech-Savvy: Educating Girls in the New Computer Age"
    American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, Washington, D.C., 2000
    As violent electronic games and dull programming classes turn off more and more girls to the computer culture, schools need to change the way information technology is used, applied, and taught in the nation's classrooms, according to this report. To address the problems identified in the report, the commission makes a number of key recommendations for schools and communities. An executive summary of the study and ordering information is available on the AAUW web site:


    The following represent a selection of useful and innovative periodicals for educators.

    The mission of Converge Magazine is to interest, inform and inspire educators in the K-12, college/university, corporate and lifelong learning domains. It highlights the use of technology to improve the content and quality of learning, educational instruction and organization management.

    Curriculum Administrator
    Curriculum Administrator provides information on sources of curriculum, educational technology, and products.

    Educause Review
    Educause Review explores the changing ways we will work, learn, and communicate in the digital world of the 21st century. Educom Review focuses on developments in computer and communications technology, along with related issues in management, planning, law, and policy.

    Fast Company
    Fast Company features articles on communities and businesses committed to new ways of working, competing, living and growing. The magazine writes about the new economy and workplace for people who believe in fusing tough-minded performance with sane human values.

    Technology & Learning Magazine
    Technology & Learning Magazine provides educators with ideas, tools, and resources for integrating technology into the K-12 school, classroom and curriculum.

    T.H.E. Journal (Technology Horizons in Education)
    T.H.E. Journal focuses on technological innovations and their applications in education.

    Wired Digital
    Wired Digital creates a range of online products that help people put emerging technologies to use in their personal and professional lives. Wired’s onlineservices provide technology-oriented information and cutting-edge tools that people can use every day.