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"The Role of Education in Preventing Gender-based Violence"

Presentations- English Version

Symbolic Violence Within the Teaching of Criminal Law at the University of Costa Rica
Vera Aguilar Cruz

Gender Based Violence: A Challenge to North American Teacher Preparation
Dr. James W. Fraser

Teen Dating Violence: An Ignored Epidemic
LeAnna M. Gutierrez, Esq.

National Identity: A Cultural Framework for Examining Gender-based Violence in the United States
Katherine Hanson

Creating Communities of Strength: Positive Youth Development is Prevention
Maria Guajardo Lucero, Ph.D.

The Challenge and Necessity of Teacher Education Programs: Breaking the Cycle of Gender-Based Violence
Joyce A. Khoury, Ed.D.

Health Sector Collaborations and Responses in Canada
Dr. Heather Maclean

Online Educational Tools and Family Violence Prevention
Cari Michaels

Sexual Harassment in School: An Invisible Issue for Girls and Young Women with Disabilities
Harilyn Rousso