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Action Steps

Comprehensive School Health Education

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School Health Services

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Health Promotion for Staff

Action Steps for Implementing Health Promotion for Faculty and Staff

Actions for Schools and Local Districts

  • Develop school-site health promotion initiatives that go beyond individual-level risk reduction activities
  • Improve methods for evaluating the health outcomes and cost effectiveness of worksite health promotion programs
  • Address the well-being of administrators, faculty, and school support staff, including school bus drivers, food service workers, building custodians, and classroom aides
  • Integrate health promotion and disease prevention into employee benefit plans and make such efforts compatible with the goals of managed care
  • Establish a standing committee to assess employee and school needs, identify resources, and evaluate the impact and outcomes of school-site health promotion efforts

Actions for National, State, and Community Organizations

  • Offer grants or provide incentives for local schools and districts to develop, implement, and evaluate school-site health promotion programs
  • Advocate for and support the development of school-site health promotion for faculty and staff
  • Identify exemplary models of school-site health promotion and encourage schools to replicate them
  • Examine and monitor the impact of school-site health promotion efforts on health benefits and ensure that such programs meet the needs of all school employees
  • Provide technical assistance, guidelines, resources, and opportunities for networking that will help schools develop plans with measurable goals and objectives for improving faculty and staff health
  • Offer or support statewide conferences that foster development and implementation of school-site health promotion for faculty and staff
  • Develop guidelines and standards for school-site health promotion for faculty and staff based on model guidelines
  • Establish integrated databases that monitor health promotion development, implementation, and evaluation results

Adapted by permission of the publisher from Marx, E. & Wooley, S. F. (Eds.) (1998). Health is academic: A guide to coordinated school health programs. New York: Teachers College Press. 1998 by Education Development Center, Inc. All rights reserved.

For a more detailed discussion of Health Promotion for Staff, see the book Health Is Academic.

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Here is a sample of national organizations that can provide resources and support for school-site health promotion for staff and CSHPs:

American Association for Active Lifestyles & Fitness

American Federation of Teachers

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