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Self-Study Guide for CHES

Workshop Modules for Promoting a Coordinated Approach to School Health: Talking About Health Is Academic

This tool, developed by Health and Human Development Programs (HHD) of Education Development Center, Inc., (EDC) with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Adolescent and School Health, helps you discuss and implement activities to improve the health of students.   

Six individual modules contain a step-by-step narrative script with supporting overhead and handout masters for presenters and facilitators to help their audiences understand and apply actions in the book Health Is Academic: A Guide to Coordinated School Health Programs.

  • Module I, Overview: A review of the health status of U.S. students, how it affects their school performance, and how schools can coordinate the eight components of a CSHP to improve children's health
  • Module II, Getting Organized: Action steps schools and districts can take to develop a coordinated approach to school health
  • Module III, Strengthening Interdisciplinary Work: A look at the relationships among the components and the collaboration among staff, school administrators, and community members
  • Module IV, Introducing New Ideas: A look at how a school can support a new approach and how people respond to new ideas
  • Module V, Focusing on a Specific Component: A review of the individual components and how they work, including key personnel, resources, and collaborative relationships
  • Module VI, The State's Role: An examination of the state's role, infrastructure, and relationship to national and local work

Use the modules as written, or adapt them to suit your goals. Mix and match materials or supplement them with your own. Modules are produced for insertion in a three-hole binder.

Single copies of Health Is Academic: A Guide to Coordinated School Health Programs are available for $24.95, plus shipping and handling, from Teachers College Press, P.O. Box 20, Williston, VT 05495-0020. Phone: (800) 575-6566. To order online, click on this Book Description from Teachers College Press and then select "Add to Cart." These modules are also available from Barnes and Noble.


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