Implementing MathScape in your district involves thoughtful planning including consideration of how the curriculum will support the school's and district's goals in mathematics, communicating those goals to the administration, the teachers and the community, and supporting teachers as they move through different stages of implementation. The success of any initial implementation is directly linked to the professional development and planning that takes place prior to implementation.

Types of implementation plans

The MathScape curriculum is quite flexible in how it is implemented into school districts, but some implementation plans are more common than others. Here are three common implementation scenarios that often occur in districts. [More]

Creating a thoughtful implementation plan

Implementation plans are often as different as the district adopting MathScape. Much of the success of an implementation depends upon the level of planning that happens prior to teaching the first unit. There are many questions and concerns that need to be thoughtfully addressed prior to implementation. [More]

Communicating and sharing your implementation plan

The greater the degree of shared understanding about the district's goals in math, the school's goals, the teacher's goals and the community's goals, the more successful your implementation will be. [More]



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