The First Year of Implementation

As teachers begin implementation, experience suggests their concerns center on the specifics of using the curriculum. We recommend providing unit training workshops as needed throughout the first year no more than 6-8 weeks prior to teaching a unit. As teachers are teaching units, it can be beneficial to form teacher “study groups” that meet 2-3 times during the course of a unit. These groups can share experiences teaching the unit, compare student work and discuss aspects of teaching the curriculum, such as assessment or writing in math class.

Expect highs and lows in Year 1. Teachers’ levels of enthusiasm, trepidation, interest or trust in the materials will vary greatly from teacher to teacher and from unit to unit. Some lessons will be outstanding successes, with significant student learning and engagement at a level that students may not have experienced before. Other lessons may not feel as successful, as teachers are still getting to know the materials.

During the first year of implementation, it is recommended that teachers participate in the following professional development activities:

  1. Two more full-day until workshops in grade level group
  2. Study or Support Groups

After the first year of implementation, it is recommended that teachers receive the following:

  1. Reflection Meeting
  2. One to three unit workshops, depending upon need