EDC Writers and Developers

Glenn Kleiman, Principal Investigator
Steve Benson
Amy Brodesky
Dan Brutlag
Al Cuoco
Amy Doherty
Emily Fagan
E. Paul Goldenberg
Kristen Herbert
Susan Janssen
Eric Karnowski
Marlene Kliman
Sue Rasala
Faye Ruopp
Kimberly Smart
Yael Sucher
Dan Tobin
Marianne Thompson
Muffie Wiebe

Project Managers

Leigh Peake
Karen Zweig

Teacher Writers and Developers

Bob Bates
Connie Thorpe Breeze
Amy Doherty
Mardi Gale
Yvelene Germaine-McCarthy
Fred Gross
Julia Marrero
Mindy Munger
Michael Peller
Mark Rubel

Administrative Assistants

Stacy Shorr
Andrea Tench
Albertha Walley

Editors and Graphic Designers

Ellen Smith
Dan Tobin


Rebecca Brown
Shelley Isaacson

Web Site Design

Clare Crawford
Burt Granofsky
Michael Maffie

In addition to the staff listed above, members of the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education at the University of Nottingham, England, and members of EdMath in Australia contributed to the development of the materials.

Shell Centre Contributors

Hugh Burkhart
Rosemary Caddy
Malcom Swan

EdMath Contributors

Charles Lovitt
Doug Clark
Ian Lowe

This curriculum also contains materials that were developed by the editorial staffs of Creative Publications and Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.