Sequence by Content Strands

Here is a suggested sequence of units by content strand; add the units in italics if time allows.

Algebra Strand

  1. Patterns in Numbers and Shapes
  2. Language of Algebra
  3. Math of Motion
  4. Getting Down to Business
  5. Exploring the Unknown
  6. Roads & Ramps
  7. What Comes Next?
  8. Family Portraits

Number Strand

  1. From Wholes to Parts
  2. Language of Numbers
  3. Beside the Point
  4. Buyer Beware
  5. Gulliver's World
  6. Making Mathematical Arguments
  7. Looking Behind the Numbers

Geometry Strand

  1. Designing Spaces
  2. From the Ground Up
  3. Getting in Shape
  4. Shapes and Space
  5. Roads and Ramps

Data Analysis & Probabilty Strand

  1. What Does the Data Say?
  2. Chance Encounters
  3. Looking Behind the Numbers